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To successfully carry out the mission of Faith Church, the leadership team must possess the three virtues of being Humble, Hungry, and Smart in increasing measure through the work of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. If an organization is tolerant of everything, it will stand for nothing. Our elders serve to spiritually lead and guard the vision and direction of our church. Our staff carries out the daily operations of overseeing the ministry of our church. And our deacons see to the care and needs ministries of our church. All of these efforts are made for and through the people who call Faith Church home.

Jason Sewell

Lead Pastor

I grew up in the Oakland County area and call Oxford my home today.  I’ve been married to my best friend, Maria, for over twenty years.  God has blessed us with four amazing children.  We love doing life together and laughing along the way.

When I was five years old, I was introduced to Jesus Christ through an Awana’s program at a church I was visiting.   It was then that I became aware of my need for a savior.  My almost 40 year journey of walking with Christ has reiterated one truth over and over: I am a man who desperately needs a savior.

I started attending Faith Church when I was a child. I have had the pleasure to get to know so many people here over the years and some of the closest relationships I have were formed inside Faith Church.  I love the fact that God has now entrusted me to help lead Faith Church into our next chapters. When I look out and preach every Sunday, there are faces that have been here for over thirty years and some that are visiting for the first time.    Regardless, it feels as though I am sharing my passion for Christ with my family.  It is a great feeling!

As much time as I can spend with my family, I am in! I receive a lot of joy and energy in spending time with them. Outside of my church responsibilities, we are a baseball family.  I coach a varsity baseball team and run a travel baseball organization.  Our family loves to spend time together on the baseball field! If there is any time left over, you can find me messing around with a pile of lumber and some power tools.

Shellee DeVreugd

Office Manager

I have been a Christian my entire life. I cannot even put into words the importance being a follower of Jesus has played in my life, guiding my decisions and holding me when I falter.  Since I was a young adult, I have participated in church life by teaching Sunday School, working with the youth, participating in services, leading different groups, and working in the kitchen.

 My husband, Paul, and I have 2 children, with young families who continue the tradition of raising children in a Christian environment.  I have the joy of watching them grow, as Paul recently passed away.

  Faith Church has a feeling of “family” and consistently works to include all ages in growing in God's word and faith. Because of this, I look forward to the opportunities for service this job brings.

Rusty Gailey

Director of Worship Arts/ Groups

I was raised in Cadillac, Michigan until I was 9 and then moved to Livonia, Michigan through high school.  I accepted Jesus when I was 11 years old at Highland Park Baptist Missions Conference.  However, I didn’t start living for Jesus until 10th grade and I was at Ward EPC Church in Northville, Michigan.  

After four years of dating, I married my wife Renea in 1995.   We have three children together and a dog named Oscar.

What I love most about working at Faith Church is the “payoff” of Sunday morning’s service.  I love it when the plan comes together and we experience worshiping God as a collective community.  

I’m into sports, music, and adventures in nature.  I like parties with more action and less talking. Skip the small talk, let’s do this thing.

Darren Anderegg

Director of Children’s Ministry

I grew up in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.   My wife's name is Erin and we have a cat named Java.

I was raised Christian and my faith in God has developed and grown over time.  I distinctly remember committing my life to Christ and calling Him my Lord as a young teenager when I was getting baptized. I know baptism didn't save me, but it was the impetus that led me to review and confirm my beliefs and give my life to Christ.

I enjoy being surrounded by people who love the Lord and push me to love Him and serve Him with my talents.  I love that my job supports me in developing the most important relationship in my life... a life in Christ.  I also really enjoy working with kids!  They have so much simple joy.

I enjoy playing sports, particularly basketball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee.  As a part time music teacher, I also love playing and creating music.  Finally, I love riding on and tinkering with my homemade E-Bike.

Zach Hartmann

Director of Student's Ministry

I was raised in the small town of Dexter, Michigan just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I attended Eastern Michigan University where I met my wife, Kadie, before we headed out West to Colorado for several years to live our adventure and serve in Youth Ministry. There we grew our family and had our first child, Blakely, before God called us back to Michigan.

I was blessed in 2nd grade when our new neighbors, the Kasten’s, moved in next door to us. From there I started attending church with them for years before my family decided to join us. Although I confessed to be a Christian for years I didn’t realize what it truly meant and looked like to live for Him, to live a life in response to the gospel, until my Senior year of high school on a mission trip to Belize with the Youth Group at Dexter United Methodist Church. My life has never looked the same since then.

I continued to be involved at DUMC after I graduated high school, where God revealed to me the love He had given me for students. By His grace, I’ve been working in student ministry ever since, and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

I love spending time with my family and friends when I’m not hanging out with middle and high schoolers. I am passionate about sports, especially Michigan Football and Basketball. When a game is not on you can catch me fishing and hunting anything I possibly can that time of year, exploring my new obsession of smoking meat, enjoying The Office, camping, playing games or any sport I can find, or finally getting to the homework and reading I’ve procrastinated on for my seminary classes.

Monica Campbell

Pastoral Assistant

I grew up in Warren, Michigan.  I was raised Catholic and always knew of Jesus.
My husband and I have three wonderful children together.  My relastionship with Christ deepend at the birth of our first child.  We were married twenty-six years before my husband passed away.

What I love about my job at Faith is that I have the opportunity to serve others.  Listening, helping, connecting, loving and just being there for people and our church family.

John Duncan


I was born and raised in Detroit.   I am married to my beautiful wife, Diane, for 33 years.  We have two daughters who were raised at Faith Church and two grandchildren as well.

I was born into a loving Christ centered home.  I gave my life to Christ at a church summer camp when I was 12 years old.  I have been a member of Faith Church since 1994.

I have been involved with the finances of Faith Church since the late 1990’s.   The Lord has performed miracles in providing resources for our church including establishing the current land and building that we worship in.  The Lord continues to provide as we, as a congregation, faithfully serve Him.

I am a Spartan alumnus so I bleed Green & White!   I was a member of the Michigan State Spartan Marching Band and love  all kinds of music especially classical and jazz.  I am a history buff and love American history.  I enjoy reading historical fiction, non-fiction, and adventure.

Ann  Strombeck

Prayer Coordinator

I grew up in Berkley, Michigan with my parents and five sisters.  We did go to church when I was younger, but because of some family circumstances we drifted away.  When I married, I married a man whose family loved the Lord.  We started going to church together and that's when I truly heard the gospel.  In1976, I gave my life to the Lord. I have two wonderful children that are married to wonderful spouses and four beautiful grandchildren.  They all attend church and love the Lord.  I am Blessed.

I love worship and prayer.   I have seen how many times God has answered my prayers.  I am still a work in progress so I can't wait to see what my God will do with me next.

My hobby is enjoying my family and asking God, what would you have me do today?

Elders of Session


Daniel Carballo
Chad Friesen
Greg Griffin
Matt Penney
Brad Pyke
Bill Ritchie
Matt Schmink
Dean Swanson
Bob Zeeb

Care Deacons
Carol Socks-Parker
Elizabeth Castañeda
Luis Castañeda
Chris DeVreugd
Pam Czerkis
Jim Schryer
Walt Kubinski
Suzanne Swanson
Lowell Gladd
Trish Rice

Building and Grounds Deacons
John Campbell
Larry Hartter
Rick Puddy
Mike Rice