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NOW HIRING: Director of Student Ministries

last update: 12/16/2020
The leadership of Faith Church has agreed that we are committed to the disciplines of prayer, growth, and work to complete the works God has prepared for us. For the Director of Student Ministries, that looks like:

  • Praying for God’s blessing and provision for student ministries.
  • Praying for and with the people of Faith Church privately and as a part of the leadership team on Sunday mornings.

  • Be committed to personal Biblical study and ways of spiritual growth.
  • Find developmental resources that advance ministerial and/or personal growth.

  • Lead the church’s efforts to minister with and to youth between grades 6-12.
  • Reach out to unchurched youth in the community, engage them with the gospel, and involve them in the work of the church.
  • Recruit, develop, and deploy new volunteers for the church’s youth ministry.
  • In consultation with other youth leaders and senior church leadership, develop an annual budget for the youth ministry and operate within the constraints of that budget.
  • Develop a Bible teaching calendar for the youth that takes into consideration the full counsel of God’s Word and the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental needs of the youth in our community.
  • Regularly teach the Bible to the youth with conviction, compassion, and care.
  • Ensure all teachings and teachers fall within our doctrinal requirements.
  • Lead efforts to minister to the parenting needs of the church body.
  • Participates an active member of our church staff, picking up responsibilities outside of your area of ministry at times.
  • Establish a long-term vision for how the church engages youth.
  • Encourage our youth, and their families, to be actively engaged in the church body.
  • Develop and execute a strategic plan for the youth ministry.
  • Regularly report to the church’s leadership about developments in the youth ministry.
  • Regularly lead the youth in short-term missions experiences (alternating between local, domestic, and international).
  • Work with the children’s ministry to ensure smooth transitions between ministries.
  • Maintain daily office hours and a willingness to flex  those hours as needed.
  • Participate in all staff meetings and retreats.

  • Bachelor’s degree, Bible degree preferred
  • Highly organized
  • A desire to teach and mentor youth in Biblical truth
  • A good driving record
  • Understanding of and willingness to serve within the doctrinal commitments of the church.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • A growing Christian faith and character.
  • A commitment to the mission of the church
  • A lifestyle congruent with the Biblical requirements for leaders (1 Timothy 3:1-13; 2 Timothy 2; Titus 1:5-9)
  • Commitment to professional and personal excellence.
  • Enjoys working in fast-paced, high-energy environment.

  • Participate in congregational events and weekly ministries deemed important by lead pastor
  • Participate in all staff meetings and retreats
  • Participate in tri-annual Super Huddles
  • Work with the staff in a positive way, using Matthew 18 principle in times of dispute
  • Work to embody the virtues humble, hungry, and smart as outlined in the leadership playbook.
  • Lead by example in worship, class, and group settings attending either a Sunday morning or MidWeek class.
  • Be in the office during core office hours
  • Complete monthly report to session.
  • Become a member of the church within the first year of employment, if not already a member

This is a full-time position reporting to the lead pastor
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