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Leaning into Lent

We are excited to offer you a unique experience this Lenten season. Every  Wednesday ( February 22 - April 8), we will bring you a new devotional experience based on the theme “Leaning into Lent.” As new creations in Christ, the Holy Spirit shapes us as individuals and as a church body. This devotional experience seeks to celebrate the diversity of ways that cause us to praise, reflect on, and be obedient to God.

Each week’s content will be curated and created by a different member of the Faith Church staff. You can expect a view of that staff person’s heart in each video and an introduction to a specific spiritual discipline. Additionally, the staff person will explain the purpose behind the Dwell reading passages they personally selected for the upcoming week. Each morning’s time commitment will be minimal, but we pray the impact is eternal. We hope that this short time commitment allows you to try out doing a devotion each week, giving you a habit to practice and a daily passage to meditate upon. If you aren’t already in the habit, this can be a great way to start or a supplement to what you are already practicing. The ultimate hope is that the Holy Spirit will use this to allow you to contemplate the Cross better and celebrate the Empty Tomb.